Wod 3 - Day 1

In 3 minutes perform


20 Burpee Box Jump Over, 50/60cm (tie-break time)


Overhead Squat, Short Axle 40/60Kg *

Scaled: Front Squat, Short Axle 40/60Kg

* Athletes unable to perform the Rx movement can choose the Scaled version and will be ranked on the leaderboard below those who performed that workout as Rx. The competition can be finished with any combination of Rx and Scaled workouts.

Movement Standards

Burpee Box Jump Over

After performing a burpee, the athlete must jump from one side to the other of the box. In the bottom position of the burpee, the thighs and chest must clearly touch the floor. It is mandatory to jump with both feet at the same time, so the step-up is not allowed. When jumping over the box, there is no need to reach the full extension of the body at the top of the box. Only the athlete’s feet can touch the box. The athlete can land over the box with both or only one feet, and can descend to the other side as he prefers (jump or step off). The athlete can jump completely over the box, but if he chooses this option, the feet must go over and not around the box. The repetition will be counted once the athlete lands on the opposite side of the box.

Overhead Squat

Each repetition must start with the barbell in the overhead position, ending up in the same position after performing a full squat. In the bottom position it is mandatory to brake the parallel (iliac crest lower than the knee), while in the top position you have to extend knees, hips and arms with the barbell in control and in line or slightly behind the midline of the body. The feet must be in line. In the first rep of each set, a squat snatch is allowed.

Front Squat

The athlete, with the barbell in the front rack position, must perform a complete squat until he descends with the iliac crest below the horizontal line of the knee and then rise in full extension with knees and hips, with his feet in line and elbows over the vertical line of the barbell.

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