United in building a new ecosystem

This is the time to dialogue with CrossFit HQ, with other Sanctionals and Athletes, with Partners and Sponsors for the good of the Community

The Italian Showdown was born five years ago from the CrossFit community: we are not a multi-million dollar company; we are a non-profit sport organization made up of long-standing CrossFit affiliates.

Our mission is to serve our Community and to spread the message of a healthier lifestyle, by providing an inclusive fitness competition, accessible by participants of any age and ability level.

For all of us, CrossFit is much more than a business, it’s our life

During the past five years, the Italian Showdown has grown to be one of the largest fitness competition in Europe; and it’s been an honor for us to represent Italy at the CrossFit Games as a CrossFit-sanctioned event.

Unfortunately, recent events have shown that many issues still need to be addressed by CrossFit HQ and that there are no immediate solutions. However, nothing has changed in our opinion about the CrossFit methodology and community.

We remain faithful to our mission while doing our part

We believe that this is not the time to compulsively throw everything away; instead, this is the time to cooperate and communicate. It will take some time, but we are willing to be patient and to be an active part in this.