Over 3 million social reaches

In recent months al lot of you participated in the on line activities on our official website and channels, which are now enriched by our new Blog

During the lockdown months we produced 25 videos, 8 of which for charity in live streaming with the most loved guests of the Italian community. Then 14 more videos for the qualifications and for the online finals of the 2020 Italian Showdown, in addition to 120 posts.

The result is simply incredible: over 260.000 video views and more than 107.000 pages visited on the official website. These numbers excite us and make us full of pride for the work done amidst the many difficulties of this time.

So we decided to do even more

Today we launch our Blog on the official website, featuring original contents created by our editorial staff: articles, photos, videos and podcasts with updates on the event, news from the community, expert opinions and at-home workouts by famous athletes.

In the meantime, we are already working on the next edition of the Italian Showdown, which will be the most important in our history because it will mark the return to normal life for all of us. We are preparing for different scenarios, with several potential dates and many exciting news.

All the athletes registered for the 2020 edition will keep their registration and all the spectators will maintain their tickets. The sponsorships and stands of the vendors village are also confirmed for next year.

Follow us and we will keep you informed of all the news… It will be unforgettable!