You choose our new testimonials

Go to our social channels and vote for the woman and the man you prefer among the finalists of the online casting that have been selected by our jury

Over 80 women and men from all over Italy have signed up for the online casting to become the new ambassadors of the Italian Showdown: famous athletes and everyday people, competitors of affiliated box and independent sport lovers…

We never expected such a large participation. We are really excited and grateful for the enthusiasm with which our community continues to support the Italian Showdown, despite the tough times that all gyms and sport lovers are going through. Thank you all!

Our Finalists

For the jury it’s not been easy to select 3 women and 3 men from all the candidates who signed up for the online casting: four photographers and videomakers expressed a vote from 1 to 10 based on the aesthetic judgment; the Direction of the Italian Showdown also expressed a technical vote.

The overall result, based on all the votes of our jury, determined the following finalists… It is not a ranking, the names are listed in alphabetical order:

BRAMBILLA Rachele (31) from Cesano M. (MB)
GHILARDI Jasmine (22) from Sorisole (BG)
RAUCO Chiara (29) from Leonessa (RI)
LUZI Bernard (49) from San Benedetto del Tronto
MONTISCI Matteo (29) from Selargius (CA)
ZENONI Enrico (22) from Leffe (BG)

Now you decide who wins!

  1. Go to our social channels and look for the finalists’ cards in recent posts.
  2. Vote the card with a “like” on Facebook or with a “heart” on Instagram.
  3. Tag your friends in the comments and ask them to vote for your finalist.

The woman and man who will receive the highest number of votes on their cards will get the testimonial contract and will be the official faces of the 2021 Italian Showdown.

The final score is obtained by doing the sum of all the “likes” on Facebook and all the “hearts” on Instagram that will have arrived by 12/27/2020 at 6:00PM CET on the finalists’ cards. In case of a tie, the jury will decide.