We are a Licensed CrossFit® Event

For the third year in a row, the Italian Showdown has been chosen to represent the Italian community in the season of official CrossFit events

Today we are proud to announce that the Italian Showdown is a Licensed CrossFit® Event for the year 2021 and that it officially enters the renewed ecosystem of competitions and events created by the new CEO, Eric Roza, to meet the demands of the community.
From this year, in fact, the format of the CrossFit Games changes again: the Sanctionals no longer exist, and the calendar of official competitions is enriched with a series of licensed events to involve the whole community throughout the year.

Being a Licensed CrossFit® Event not only is a source of great satisfaction for all the staff participating in the organization of the Italian Showdown, which sees their commitment officially recognized, but it is also a guarantee for all competitors, as the entire programming of the competition is approved by CrossFit LLC, which verifies its consistency with its own foundational principles.

As anticipated in our article of February 7, since the last months of the past year we have started planning the 2021 season together with the CrossFit Games team and we have agreed to place our event in “off-season”, as it would have been impossible to run the competition in May and June due to current anti-Covid restrictions.
Therefore, we have chosen to schedule the 2021 Italian Showdown between Q3 and Q4, waiting for it to finally be possible to return to deliver our event without too many limitations, with all the competitors in presence and, possibly, with spectators.

The most important thing is that the Italian Showdown remains true to its mission, preserving the unique identity that made it the most attended fitness event in Europe: in the 2019 edition we set the record of 1.000 competitors on site, 380 affiliates from 48 countries, 35 international exhibitors, 10.000 people in 3 days and over 15 million social reaches!
In 2020 it was not possible to hold the event in presence, so the next edition will be the most important in our history, because it will have to mark the return to normality.

Regarding the registrations of competitors and spectator tickets for 2020, we confirm that they remain valid for the next edition, which is scheduled for the end of September 2021.

Unfortunately, the global situation is still very uncertain, so we must necessarily await the next developments to confirm the final schedule of the event, which could still undergo changes in date and place, depending on local and national restrictions.
In any case, our goal is to deliver the event in presence, as soon as it is possible to do so in maximum safety for competitors and staff.

Keep following us to learn all the details as the season unfolds.