Many challenges won, all together

Returning live after more than two years and being able to do so guaranteeing fun and safety has been a success beyond all expectations

The ten pavilions of the Rimini Expo Center, which hosted the Italian Showdown in conjunction with RiminiWellness, welcomed thousands of fitness enthusiasts from all over Italy and the rest of the world. Thanks to the partnership with Italian Exhibition Group, it was possible to hold the event in the presence of the public, rather than online or behind closed doors.

Thousands of people live

The safety protocol made it possible to carry out automated checks of electronic tickets and Green Passes and to provide a quick test point at the entrance, in addition to the constant sanitation of the halls. To achieve all this, an impressive organizational machine was put in place, which employed hundreds of reception, control and cleaning staff.

Thanks to Xenios USA it was possible to set up and equip a game field and warm-up area among the largest ever seen in a CrossFit competition (over 2,000 square meters), which allowed competitors to warm up and compete comfortably and safely, with individual stations complete with all the equipment constantly sanitized after each use.

Despite the difficulties in sourcing raw materials worldwide, thanks to Concept2 Italia it was possible to make 48 cardio machines available to competitors, including RowErg, BikeErg and SkiErg for the competition area and the warm up area. This equipment was accompanied by the Assault Bikes supplied by Assault Fitness, which also gave two machines to the winners.

Fun in safety

In addition, to comply with the ban on the use of powder chalk, harmful to inhalation and possible vehicle of infection, thanks to our partner MyLeore we have provided all competitors with the best chalk in cream, with isopropyl alcohol of pharmaceutical purity with a disinfectant action. And thanks to RoninTape, we also provided protective finger tape.

Thanks to our partners we were able to dress competitors and staff with R-evenge tee shirts and Crossfeet training socks and quench their thirst with the free drinks offered by FitAID throughout the weekend, while foodspring provided protein bars and shakes.

Finally, thanks to Mitsubishi Motors Italia we were able to move staff and equipment with the unstoppable L200 pick-up made available to the organization before, during and after the event. In short, the entire machine and all the security protocols worked perfectly, ensuring success with the public beyond all expectations.

New records on social media

Those who did not manage to be present in person at this great fest were able to follow the daily updates and highlights produced by our media team, featuring Zoran Filicic of Eurosport and Giulia Salvi of Virgin Radio, who told the event on the official website and on the social channels of the Italian Showdown, marking new contact records:

  • the official website has become a trending page on Google, with an increase of over 1,000% compared to the daily average of clicks, with over 22,000 visits over the weekend;
  • in just three days, posts and videos on Facebook and Instagram reached over 27,000 people, with a 900% increase in interactions and views.

This edition of the Italian Showdown together with RiminiWellness has achieved a success with the public and satisfaction beyond all expectations, which does not end here: the 2021 edition, in fact, was only a general rehearsal of the new format and the new venue, which will be back very soon with the 2022 Italian Showdown.

The next appointment is from 2 to 5 June 2022, again together with RiminiWellness!