Nutrimuscle is the new Presenting Sponsor

The leading brand of food supplements for sportsmen arrives in Italy and supports the Italian Showdown as Official Nutrition Partner

In a market packed with supplements, Nutrimuscle stands out for a rigorous philosophy: to offer products that give real benefits for both performance and health, which is why they were quickly recognized for their quality and recommended by sports coaches.

Since 1993, Nutrimuscle has been faithful to an exemplary motto: “don’t sell what we don’t want to consume”. Therefore, it undertakes to use only pure raw materials and to ensure the traceability of products, communicating their origin, composition, stages and manufacturing processes transparently.

These unique values ​​of quality and transparency translate into a sustainable practice of sport, with traceable and health-friendly food supplements. And it is precisely for these principles that we are proud to partner with Nutrimuscle, which presents itself to the community of Italian crossfitters as the top-level sponsor of the 2022 Italian Showdown.

Throughout its history, Nutrimuscle has introduced numerous innovations that have revolutionized the sports nutrition industry, such as the first native whey in Europe in 2009, the first micellar casein in Europe in 2013, the first certified organic native whey and the first native serum with ceramic microfiltration in Europe in 2020.

Thanks to a constant commitment to research and development, Nutrimuscle is able to offer a complete range of innovative and truly effective products, with which it is aimed at all athletes and with which it supports high-level athletes in many disciplines: bodybuilding, athletics, cycling, combat sports, rock climbing, pole vaulting, soccer and now CrossFit too!

Therefore, we are thrilled to bring Nutrimuscle alongside our athletes, to accompany them in their sports nutrition and help them reach the best level in competition.

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