2022 Italian Showdown Aftermovie

Relive the emotion of the competition in the official film with the commentary by Zoran, also in high quality 4K Ultra HD with Italian and English subtitles

500 athletes registered from 25 countries took to the field to challenge their limits and celebrate together fitness and health in the spirit of the CrossFit Community.

4 days of competition open to all fitness enthusiasts, of all ages and ability levels, without online qualifications and with direct access to the live elimination phase.

Tens of thousands of spectators who attended the event in the 10 pavilions of the Rimini Expo Center and over 200 thousand social contacts over the long weekend.

These are the numbers of the seventh edition of the Italian Showdown, the first Licensed CrossFit Event in Italy, which took place from 2 to 5 June within RiminiWellness.