Edit your Registration

Thanks to the flexible registration, you secure in advance your participation at the event and, if something comes up, you may give your slot to another competitor.

You will just have to edit the participant’s details of your electronic athlete-ticket on eventbrite. This applies to Individuals, Teams and Age Groups. And if you realize that you have entered wrong data (for example date of birth or gender) or if you need to update your information (for example your box name), you can easily edit the participant’s details in your account.

Update Participant's Details

You can update or edit the information on your athlete-ticket (like name, e-mail address, date of birth or your box) by clicking the Edit link in the Tickets page. If you don’t see an “Edit” link, the ability to change order information has expired.

  1. Go to “Tickets” – Log into your eventbrite account and select “Tickets” in the Account Menu.

  2. Select your order – Locate your order (under “Tickets”) and click the name of the event to display the information entered on the order form.

  3. Select “Edit” – In order to pass your slot to another competitor or if you want to manage the members of your team, you just have to edit the participant’s details. We recommend selecting the “Send confirmation email to new attendee” box if you change the email address on your order, so that the participant can get a confirmation email containing all the information about ticket and registration.

  4. Save your changes – Click “Save” to save your changes.

Log into eventbrite


Any changes applied to the electronic athlete-ticket on eventbrite will not be automatically reflected on the leaderboard until the next update of the official website. Please wait for the website to be updated to see the changes.

After the registrants list is locked, no more changes or substitutions will be allowed. The organization of the event will also review all the participant’s data and, in case of false or wrong information, the registration may be suspended or canceled.