Do you need help with registration or tickets? Please refer to the frequently asked questions below and related articles on Eventbrite Help Center. You will easily find all the answers to the most common inquiries related to registration, orders and tickets; for example order confirmation, how to edit participant’s details and more… 

Frequently Asked Questions

Did my paid order or free registration complete?

Valid orders show in the Tickets section of your Eventbrite account. Log in to verify your order completed or view past orders [read more…]

Where are my tickets?

The fastest way to get your tickets is to find your order confirmation email. You can also check your Eventbrite account or the Eventbrite app [read more…]

How to transfer tickets to someone else

Transferring tickets from person to person is an option set by event organizers. If enabled, you can transfer your event ticket/registration to someone else [read more…]

How to update and edit your order information

Depending on the event settings, you can update or edit the information on your order – like name, email address, or answers to the organizer’s questions [read more…]

What to do if there's a typoed email address on your Eventbrite order

If you registered for an event on Eventbrite but didn’t receive an order confirmation email, there may be a typo in the email address on your order [read more…]

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