How to Register

Registration opens 1 January 2024 at 10.30 AM CEST on Competition Corner, with 816 slots assigned without any qualification on a first-registered first-admitted basis

In order to register for the 2024 Italian Showdown it is necessary to have a personal account on Competition Corner complete with all personal data, read the rulebook in its entirety and accept all the terms and conditions by digital signature.

  • Individual registration: each competitor must register personally using his own account and pay his fee.
  • Team registration: only one of the team members, chosen as Captain, must register his team and pay the fee for all. The captain must enter the name of the team and all the data of all the members (Name, Surname, e-mail, size); the captain will be able to modify all the data and make any substitutions until the registration closes.

Those who have already created an account to register for another competition can use the same account making sure all information is up to date. Those who have not an account yet, can create it during the registration process but it is advisable to create and activate it in advance, so as not to waste time during the registration.


Registration fee

Regardless of the division and category chosen, the registration fee of the 2024 Italian Showdown 2024 is €99 per person plus online payment service fees.
The registration fee includes direct access to the live competition without online qualification and the entrance ticket to RiminiWellness valid for 4 days for the registered athlete and the official Competitor t-shirt.

ATTENTION! The registration is strictly personal, non-transferable and non-cancellable, therefore it will not be possible to make any refund after payment, even in the event of injury, illness or other personal impediments.

Registration deadline and waitlist

To guarantee everyone the same opportunity to participate, the available slots are assigned on a “first-registered, first-admitted” basis: registration will close as soon as all the available slots have been assigned; From that moment on, it will be only possible to join the waitlist, from which it will be possible to be retrieved in the event that additional slots become available.

In any case, registration will definitively close on 28 April 2024 at 10:30 PM CEST, which is also the deadline for any replacements of Team members and for updating personal data in the account (for example, contact address or box).