How to Register

From August 2 to 15, all competitors already registered in the 2020 Italian Showdown can confirm their free participation in the 2021 edition, even if they have not participated in the online competition

The reserved invitation will be sent by the Competition Corner platform to the e-mail address specified in the 2020 registration user profile, which was made through the Eventbrite system which is now no longer used.

Competitors who had registered in a Team will receive an invitation to participate as Individuals, as the Team MMFF division will not be present at the 2021 Italian Showdown due to the anti-Covid restrictions currently in force.

By clicking on the button contained in the invitation, you can confirm participation in the 2021 Italian Showdown no later than: August 15, 2021 at 11:59pm (CEST)

After this deadline, the invitation will no longer be valid and will be considered as declined. In no case it will be possible to accept the invitation after the deadline.

The invitation is strictly personal and non-transferable, therefore it can only be accepted by the person who received it.

Problems with the email or wrong division?

Anyone who has changed e-mail address after the 2020 registration and is unable to receive the invitation, must send us a request for another invitation from the new e-mail address, including their personal data (name, surname, date of birth, place of birth) and the reference to the 2020 registration. Only in this way we will be able to issue a new invitation for the same person.

In the event that the data provided in the 2020 registration user profile are inaccurate (for example, wrong year of birth or wrong gender), the division assigned for participation in the 2021 Italian Showdown will be wrong. In this case, after accepting the invitation and completing the registration procedure, the request for rectification and division change must be sent by e-mail.

ATTENTION: all requests relating to registration must be sent only by e-mail to using the same e-mail address indicated in the personal account used for registration as the sender. Requests received through social channels, comments to posts and direct messages will in no case be taken into consideration.

Problems with your personal account?

Those who already have a Competition Corner account created with an e-mail address other than that provided for registration for the 2020 Italian Showdown, can update it by changing their e-mail address or can create a new one.

In the event that you already have an account on Competition Corner with an e-mail address other than that indicated in the invitation, you must log out of this account before you can accept the invitation valid for the other account.

If you forgot your password, you can perform the reset procedure via the link in the login window. For assistance on the account and platform functions, the Help Center of Competition Corner is available.

New registrations

In the event that additional slots become available in the days preceding the event, we may possibly open a last-minute registration to admit other competitors. In this case, all the instructions necessary to complete the registration will be published on this page, along with the new deadline.