How to Attend

In order to be admitted to Play Hall, all the spectators are required to hold a valid admission ticket, except for competitors and children under 12 years of age.

Holders of a valid ticket (or pack of tickets) must show up at the reception desk to collect their wristband, which grants the access to the venue throughout the entire day or weekend. Wristbands are personal and not transferable. By purchasing a ticket you will be granted full admission to the Spectators Gallery, to the Vendors Village and to the Spectators Training Zone. Please note that seats in Spectators Gallery are not reserved.


Tickets may be purchased on line on Eventbrite or on site at the reception desk, depending on the kind of the ticket and their availability. Tickets purchased on line are not refundable but can be transferred to other people.

  • Spectator 3-day Ticket (Discounted): 30€/weekendAvailable on Eventbrite only, Early Bird presale ends March 24, 2020 or when the available tickets are sold out! This ticket is valid for 1 person / 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun) and grants admission to all the Spectators areas (seats are not reserved).
  • Supporters & Coach Pack (Discounted): 5×25€/weekendLimited availability on Eventbrite only, selling out soon! This pack is valid for 5 persons / 3 days (Fri, Sat, Sun) and includes 4 Spectator Tickets + 1 Coach Pass (seats are not reserved).
  • Spectator 1-day Ticket (Full fare): 15€/day – Available at the venue desk only, until capacity of the venue is reached. This ticket is valid for 1 person on the date of purchase only and grants admission to all the Spectators areas (seats are not reserved).
Purchase tickets on eventbrite


All the competitors who will not make the cut on day-1 are admitted for free to spectate all the events on day-2 and day-3. Any accompanying person is required to have a valid admission ticket.

ATTENTION: no coaches will be allowed in the warm-up area during day-1! This restriction is necessary to maintain order and to comply with the safety regulation due to the extremely high number of competitors present during day-1.

Coaches will be admitted to the warm-up area during day-2 and day-3, but they must hold a Coach Pass. A Coach Pass is provided with any Supporters & Coach Pack purchased on line, which includes 4 Spectator Tickets + 1 Coach Pass (5 persons).