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Do you want to be in our Judging Team?


Judges recruitment is open: please fill in the application form, if you will be selected you will get further directions from our Head Judges.

You are going to judge thousands of competitors and many of them will be elite athletes used to compete at the Regionals, at other Sanctionals and at the Games. For this reason, in order to judge at the 2020 Italian Showdown you must have successfully completed the yearly CrossFit Judge Course

You will get a 100€ reimbursement, free meals and official clothing.

Judging Team
Judges Application Form

Join our Crew!

The largest community event in Europe, with 1.500 competitors on the same game floor and over 10.000 people in 3 days, would not be possible without the hard work of our invaluable crew! If you want to be part of our volunteers team, get ready…

Volunteers Application Form


Volunteers recruitment is open: please fill in the application form.

If you will be selected, you may be assigned to any of the following teams: hospitality, athletes control, equipment, logistics, mounting/unmounting…

No specific prerequisites are required to apply as a volunteer, just be prepared to the unknown and the unknowable!

For your precious help, we will be happy to give you free meals, official clothing and gifts from our sponsors.