Athletes Check-in

The check-in will be open exclusively the day before the competition

Competitors must show up in person (no delegates) at the check-in desk at Play Hall and collect their identity bracelet with unique ID number.

  • Check-in opening: Thursday, h 05:00PM
  • Check-in closing: Thursday, h 10:00PM

It’s very important that you stick to the above times because, if you miss the check-in, you will be definitively excluded!

Documents requested for registration

  • Personal identification: valid ID card or driving license or passport.
  • Medical certificate: valid medical certificate for competitive sport activity, original or copy.

    A medical form for non-italians only is available: download it, print it, have it filled in and signed by a medical doctor.

ATTENTION! If one of the above documents is missing, the competitor will not be admitted, no exceptions.