Beginners at their very first experience, intermediate competitors and even elite athletes play side by side on the same game floor. It’s not just a competition, it’s a community fest for thousands of fitness enthusiasts.

No qualification

Registration opens November 13, 2019: 1.500 slots are available for Individuals, Teams and Age Groups and will be filled on a first-registered first-admitted basis regardless of category or age division. [UPDATE: SOLD OUT]

Everyone has an equal chance of hitting the game floor and feel the energy of the arena: all the registrants participate in person to the first day of the live competition, perform 3 elimination workouts and must rank high enough to make the cut.

Rx/Scaled and Teams

All the competitors will be allowed to choose between Rx and scaled workouts: if an athlete is not able to perform a WOD as prescribed, he will have the chance to do the scaled version and remain in the competition ranked below the last one who performed that workout as Rx. The competition can be finished with any combination of Rx and scaled workouts. Thanks to this rule everybody will be able to complete all the events, prove his fitness and have fun.

Elimination workouts are the same for Individuals and Teams. Each team member performs all 3 elimination workouts individually: for each elimination workout, the score of the team is the sum of the scores of the 4 team members. After day-1 team workouts are performed by the entire team.

After day-1 the best 300 competitors will move on to day-2 and day-3 according to the following slots…

  • Elite (18-34): 60M + 45F
  • Master35 (35-39): 30M + 15F
  • Master40 (40-44): 30M + 15F
  • Master45 (45-49): 15M + 15F
  • Master50 (50+): 15M + 15F
  • Team of 4 (18+): 45 MMFF

After day-1 there will be no more cuts.

Scoring and leaderboard

Unlike the previous editions of the Italian Showdown, in which we used to reset the leaderboard after the first cut, starting from 2020 we adopt a unique ranking from the first elimination day up to very last workout.

By this way all the competitors passing from day-1 to day-2 and day-3 will keep the points gained during the three elimination workouts and the final score will reflect more accurately their performances throughout the entire competition.