The Italian Showdown is one of the largest fitness competitions in Europe with up to 1.500 people of all ages and ability levels on the same game floor.

Due to the current Covid-19 restrictions, the maximum number of competitors allowed to participate to the live event is 200 in 3 days. For this reason, the 2020 edition will exceptionally start with a preliminary online qualification phase. The best Individuals of each age division and the best Teams will be invited to the final phase.

Qualifying workouts will be released on July 17 at 10:00AM CEST.
The deadline for scores submission is July 31 at 10:00PM CEST.

Qualification Phase

In order to make it possible for everyone to participate to the on line qualification phase, we are programming 3 qualifying workouts based on minimal equipment:

  • 1 x 22.5Kg Dumbbell for Men (any division)
  • 1 x 15Kg Dumbbell for Women (any division)
  • Jump Rope


Athletes unable to perform a workout as prescribed, can choose the Scaled version and will be ranked on the leaderboard below those who performed that workout as Rx. The qualification phase can be finished with any combination of Rx and Scaled workouts.


We understand that it might be hard for the team members to perform the workout together at the same location. For this reason, each team member will perform the workouts individually (M1, M2, F1, F2) and the Team Leader will be responsible for submitting all the scores. 


Prior to releasing the qualifying workouts, we will send an invitation e-mail to all the registered competitors, containing a link to activate their account on the leaderboard system. Subsequently, by accessing their account, competitors will enter the scores of their workouts and will be listed in the official leaderboard.

After the on line qualification phase, the top 200 competitors will be invited to the final phase according to the following slots…

  • Elite (18-34): 40M + 30F
  • Master35 (35-39): 20M + 10F
  • Master40 (40-44): 20M + 10F
  • Master45 (45-49): 10M + 10F
  • Master50 (50+): 10M + 10F
  • Team of 4 (18+): 30 MMFF

During the final phase there will be no more cuts.

Video proof

We remind you that all the qualification workouts must be filmed and that each score, to be valid, must be entered in the leaderboard system along with the URL a video proof. The official video recording app of the 2020 Italian Showdown is WODProof App.

Preset timers for each workout will be available in the Qualifier section of the app. Please mind that the recorded videos must be uploaded to YouTube with privacy set to Public. The URL of each video proof must be entered along with the score of each workout.

Video review

All the athletes must adhere to the workout format described in the official website, including movement standards and video standards. Any violation of the prescribed format will result in the repetition(s) being disallowed and/or video invalidated.

Scores will be validated by our internal review team, who will enforce the Open Workouts standards which are summarized below. For full details please refer to the 2020 CrossFit Games Rulebook.

As part of the video review process, the athlete’s posted score may be accepted, modified or invalidated.

  • Valid: the athlete meets the required movement standards on all repetitions in the workout and the score posted is correct. The score will be accepted.
  • Minor penalty: over the course of the video, the athlete demonstrates a small number of “no reps”. A minor penalty will be applied and a score adjustment will be made. A minor penalty can be applied to more than one movement per workout.
  • Major penalty: over the course of the video, the athlete demonstrates a significant number of “no reps”. A major penalty will be applied and the score may be modified by subtracting 15 percent from the total rep count. A major penalty can be applied to more than one movement per workout.
  • Invalid: over the course of the video, the athlete fails to complete the workout as required, a significant and unacceptable number of reps performed are “no reps” or the video does not contain the criteria listed in the video submission standards.

The athlete’s score may be rejected. A score adjustment occurs when an athlete’s score needs to be modified based on miscounted reps, “no reps” or a combination of the two. A score adjustment may stand alone or be applied in conjunction with a result from a minor or major penalty. Time penalties will be applied based on the movements and/or circumstances in any given workout.