Temperature check at your gym

HT Italia has developed a specific version of the THT45W compact digital thermal camera, optimized for automatic access control

In order to control the access to a gym or to a sports event there are two options: 1) manually measure the temperature of each person with a thermometer; 2) adopt an automatic temperature screening system at the entrance.

The second option is by far the most preferred in a public environment like a gym or a sports event, because it allows you to save a lot of time while staying safe behind your control monitor. Unfortunately, automatic temperature screening systems are very expansive (from 1.500 to 2.000 euros and more).

For this reason we have partnered with HT Italia – world leading company in the industry of measuring instruments – to bring the their temperature screening devices to our event and to our box, at a fraction of the cost of other solutions available on the market.

The best solution for your gym

The THT45W compact digital thermal camera has a built in LCD colour display and can be connected to an external HDMI monitor. The temperature screening function has improved uncertainty at +/- 0.5°C in the temperature range 32÷42°C along with a warning alarm if the measured temperature exceeds a set threshold.


This thermal camera is our choice and we highly recommend it. And there is one more reason to choose it: it’s 100% designed and made in Italy, and immediately available.

Now we want to share this offer with all our partner gyms and friends! You can finally get the best temperature screening technology in your box, and it costs way less than you’d think.

How to get the reserved offer

In order to get the reserved price guaranteed to our friends, please contact HT Italia and ask for the “Italian Showdown partner” special offer.