New competition format in 2022

The seventh edition of the Italian Showdown will take place in Rimini from 2 to 5 June 2022 with a new 4-day competition format without qualification

The Italian Showdown returns to RiminiWellness with an even more inclusive new competition format, designed to give anyone the opportunity to experience the thrill of the arena for at least two consecutive days and to challenge their limits on different workouts.

Thanks to the renewed partnership with Italian Exhibition Group, the 2022 edition will be hosted in an even larger space of the Rimini Expo Center, which will ensure the best possible experience for competitors and their accompanying persons.

As always, the health of the competitors, spectators and staff is our priority; therefore, we have decided to limit the maximum number of competitors to 500 people, so as to be able to guarantee the most rigorous application of all safety regulations.

2-3-4-5 June 2022

Thursday, June 2 will be a national holiday in Italy, so we will be able to take advantage of a very long holiday weekend and allow many participants to compete one more day without having to ask for permits or leave!

The competition will start in the early afternoon of Thursday and check-in will take place one hour before each heat, so it will be possible to reach the Rimini Expo Center in the morning without having to stay an extra night.

Every day the events will end around 5.30 pm so competitors, spectators and staff will have more time to relax after the competition and enjoy other activities of RiminiWellness, the beach, the sea and the fun of the Romagna Riviera.

No qualifications

Since 2016, the Italian Showdown was born with the sole purpose of celebrating fitness and health, giving everyone the opportunity to participate in the competition to test themselves according to their abilities. Therefore, there will be no qualifications!

All registered competitors will be admitted to the elimination phase and all competitors will be guaranteed two days of competition. About 50% of the competitors will make the cut after the second day and will be admitted to the third and fourth day of competition.

Competitors eliminated from the competition will have free access for the entire week-end and will be able to attend all the events on Saturday and Sunday and participate in all other RiminiWellness activities.

Beginners, Intermediate, Elite and Masters

Beginners with their first competition experiences, intermediate competitors who have already participated in some competitions and experienced athletes will compete side by side on the same game floor, each according to their own abilities.

There will be a unique Open category which will allow to compare yourself with all the other participants on the overall leaderboard or only with the competitors of your level, by filtering the ranking by ability level or custom tags.

Each competitor will be able to choose to perform the workouts in Rx or Scaled version, according to their abilities and will be ranked accordingly.

Two days guaranteed for everyone

The new competition format will be based on 3 phases in 4 days. All registered competitors will go directly to the Elimination Phase, which will consist of a single event on Thursday afternoon and a double event on Friday.

At the end of the second day, about 50% of the competitors will be cut. The Semifinal Phase will take place on Saturday with 2 single events for all competitors. There will be no cut at the end of the third day.

A longer double event for all competitors will conclude the Final Phase on Sunday. Finally, the best 5 competitors of the Individual division will face off in 4 knockout matches outside the overall leaderboard, to win the trophy of the Champion and the Jackpot.

Registration opens 24 January 2022.