First three workouts announced

One week before the registration opening, all the events of the elimination phase of the 2022 Italian Showdown have been unveiled to the public

The big news of the seventh edition of the Italian Showdown is the 4-day competition format, with two days guaranteed for everyone! The first 500 registrants who manage to grab a slot at the time of registration opening – January 24 – will be directly admitted to the competition on June 2/5 without having to go through any qualification.

At least two days of competition will be guaranteed to all registrants, who will have to face 3 elimination workouts on Thursday and Friday. But why announce workouts so far in advance? Isn’t it true that athletes must be ready for any challenge, unknown and unknowable?

Unlike other competitions, in which competitors are selected many months in advance through online qualifications, at the Italian Showdown all registrants have direct access to the competition. Furthermore, competitors of any level participate in the Italian Showdown: beginners, intermediates and elite athletes… All together!

Therefore, the first three events of the elimination phase of the Italian Showdown are announced before the registration opening, simply to give everyone the opportunity to register for the competition in an informed way and to assess their level of skill in relation to the scheduled workouts.

For the same reason, the workouts of the Italian Showdown are programmed to follow an increasing progression of difficulty from the Elimination Phase to the Final Phase, and are designed in such a way as to guarantee maximum safety for competitors through distancing on the competition floor and sanitation of the equipment before every heat.

Day 1

The first event will be “DT” one of the most famous workouts in the CrossFit “hero” series. From 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm on Thursday, all the competitors will take to the field in heats of 24 to face three of the most popular weightlifting movements, within a time frame of 8 minutes.

Event 1 “DT”
For time, 5 rounds of:
– 12 Deadlift, 45/70Kg
– 9 Hang Power Clean, 45/70Kg
– 6 Push Jerk, 45/70Kg
(time cap 8 minutes)

Scaled: 35/50Kg

There will be no cut at the end of the workout on Thursday and all competitors will move on to the second day of the competition.

Day 2

On Friday, from about 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, all competitors will have to face two more workouts. Competitors will take to the field in heats of 12 to perform two 6-minute workouts in sequence, separated by just 3 minutes of rest.

Event 2
In 6 minutes perform 3-6-9-12… reps of:
– Single-arm Devil Press, 15/22.5Kg
– Toes to Bar

Scaled: 10/15Kg, Hanging Knee Raise

Rest 3 minutes, then Event 3 will begin.

Event 3
In 6 minutes perform:
– 30 Thruster, 35/50Kg
– 500m Row (tempo di spareggio)
– Max-rep Thruster, 35/50Kg

Scaled: Front Squat

At the end of the workouts on Friday, the cut of the Elimination Phase will take place. Competitors who have chosen to perform the scaled version of one or more workouts will be ranked below those who have performed that workout in the Rx version. In this way, only the most complete athletes will deserve access to the Semi-final and the Final but everyone will still have been able to test themselves by choosing the most suitable workouts for their skill level.

Day 3

Based on the ranking in the overall leaderboard, about 50% of the competitors will be admitted to the subsequent stages according to the quotas established to ensure equal representation of gender and age, proportional to the number of competitors registered in each division:

  • Males 18-34 (Individual): 72 slots
  • Males 35-39 (Master): 24 slots
  • Males 40-44 (Master): 24 slots
  • Males 45-49 (Master): 12 slots
  • Males 50+ (Master): 12 slots
  • Females 18-34 (Individual): 48 slots
  • Females 35-39 (Master): 12 slots
  • Females 40-44 (Master): 12 slots
  • Females 45+ (Master): 12 slots

On Saturday there will be two more workouts from approximately 10 am to 5.30 pm, which will be announced in the week leading up to the competition. There will be no further cuts at this stage.

Day 4

The long competition weekend will end on Sunday with the final workout for all age divisions, which will determine the overall leaderboard of the 2022 Italian Showdown. This workout will be announced on the same day.

Outside the overall leaderboard, the Top 5 competitors of the 18-34 age division will face each other in the Showdown, based on 4 knockout matches with movements and repetitions that will remain secret until the last moment.

The last man and woman standing at the end of the Showdown will take home the Jackpot and the title of Champion of the Showdown. The event will close at approximately 5:30 pm.