Qualification phase to take place on line

At this time sporting events are allowed behind closed doors, with a limited number of participants and very strict safety protocols

In consideration of this situation, we are working closely with the local and national health and sport authorities to reorganize the 2020 edition of the Italian Showdown so that it will meet all the safety regulations, in order to guarantee a safe event for athletes, spectators and for our staff.

At present, we are making preparations for every possible scenario: we hope for the best, but we prepare for the worst. And we want to share all our plans with you for maximum transparency.

New potential dates

We are still waiting for the green light from the government, but it seems most likely that the earliest possible date for the live event is September 25-27. Another option is October 30 – November 1.

It’s not clear yet which date will be confirmed by the authorities, but we have already booked the venue of the event for both dates and our partner hotels are ready too. As soon as we have a definitive answer, we will announce the final date well in advance to organize travel and accommodation and we will inform you about all the safety protocols.

We don’t know yet if it will be possible to have spectators, but one thing is clear: whatever the date, we won’t be allowed to host all the 1.500 registered competitors on site as originally planned. For this reason it will be necessary to make some adjustments to the format of the competition.

Format adjustments

The first elimination day, originally planned to take place live, will be be replaced by an on line qualification phase.

  • The new on line qualification phase will consist of 3 workouts in 2 weeks: all the workouts will be released at the same time, on July 17; all the scores and videos are due on July 31 with no exceptions.
  • The leaderboard of the qualification phase will be released no later than September 1: competitors passing the qualification phase will be invited to the final phase.
  • Invited athletes will have 72 hours to confirm: in case one or more athletes will not accept the invitation to the final phase, the empty slots will be backfilled.
  • On top of the invitation to the final phase, the winners of the qualification phase and the winners of each qualification workout will be rewarded.
  • All the registered competitors will have their athlete t-shirt delivered for free to the postal address specified in the registration form.
  • The final phase will take place live, ideally with 200 competitors (depending on the latest regulations). No additional registration fee will be required to access the final phase.
  • Money prizes will be paid to the winners of each division: Individual, Team and Age Groups.

In the unfortunate event of a second wave of Covid-19 outbreak, the final phase will take place on line. All the details about the qualification workouts and the new competition format will be soon posted on the official website along with a specific addendum to the rulebook.