T-shirts, leaderboard and finals date

You are asking for news about athlete packs delivery and next stages of the competition. Here you can find all the answers to your questions

Athlete T-shirts

We expected to ship all the t-shirts before mid August but we faced some unexpected issues with our logistics partner. Furthermore, many of you asked us to program the delivery of the package after the Summer vacations. For these reasons, the shipping has been delayed.

At this time all the packages are ready to be collected by DHL, who is already processing the addresses of all the 1.500 registered athletes. As you can imagine, that’s a huge job, and it’s going to take a couple of weeks. We expect that all the packages will be delivered by mid September.

Qualification results

Current leaderboards are provisional. Our judges are still reviewing the videos. We expect to release the updated leaderboard by early September. Immediately after that, we will send the invitations to all the qualified athletes.

Finals date

On our side everything is ready to host the event on September 25-27: we have defined specific safety protocols for athletes and staff; the venue is already set with safety equipment and social distancing measures, also for a limited number of spectators; our partner hotels are ready to accept bookings and to welcome our guests.

Unfortunately, the Italian Government has not yet removed the ban on sporting events, so we still need to wait for the official authorization of the authorities. The next Prime Ministerial Decree is expected on September 7: at that time, we will know if the live event will be allowed and if spectators will be admitted.

Final directions

As soon as we have the official response from the health and sport authorities, we will promptly release all the details about the finals date, format and safety protocols. At that time, we will also give you all the information related to spectator tickets and vouchers.

During these past weeks we have been working hard with our sponsors and partners to find a sustainable solution to compensate all the athletes registered for this year’s event who haven’t been able to enjoy the live competition as originally planned. We are truly committed to it and, hopefully, we will soon give you good news.

Thanks for your patience and continuous support!