The new testimonials chosen by you

The casting is officially closed, Chiara Rauco and Matteo Montisci have won the on line voting and are the ambassadors of the 2021 Italian Showdown

The Italian Showdown is the competition for all the sport lovers, in which anyone can test himself live, regardless of age and skill level. So this year we have decided to select the new testimonials from among you, our Community, and have them voted by you.

Over 80 candidates registered for the on line casting from all over Italy and 6 passed the first selection of our technical jury: Rachele Brambilla, Jasmine Ghilardi and Chiara Rauco in the women category; Bernard Luzi, Matteo Montisci and Enrico Zenoni in the men category.

The on line voting took place from 14 to 27 December on the social channels of the Italian Showdown, with a huge participation of the Italian and international Community: in two weeks almost 8.000 likes on the finalists cards and over 250.000 contacts were received!

Final leaderboard

The result of the on line voting is based on the number of likes obtained on Instagram plus the number of likes obtained on Facebook, from real and verified profiles, by the card of each candidate.

1. RAUCO Chiara44%
2. BRAMBILLA Rachele37%
3. GHILARDI Jasmine19%
1. MONTISCI Matteo43%
2. LUZI Bernard35%
3. ZENONI Enrico22%

Congratulations to Chiara and Matteo, who have won the testimonial contract and who will be the official faces of the 2021 Italian Showdown!

A big thank you goes also to Rachele, Jasmine, Bernard, Enrico and all the other friends who participated in the on line casting, as well as all of you who voted on our social channels. We can’t wait to get back to training all together and to see each other again live on the 2021 Italian Showdown competition floor!