Invitation-only registration is closed

You have responded in large numbers to the invitation and with great enthusiasm, despite all the challenges of these unprecedented times

In a few days we have by far exceeded the number of competitors we expected to receive for the 2021 Italian Showdown in presence. Therefore, at least for the moment, we do not plan to reopen registration for this edition. Those who have not accepted the invitation by the deadline, can no longer do so and are no longer entitled to free participation.

Check-in procedures and admission requirements

We recommend that all the registered competitors read the check-in procedures, the anti-doping policy, the full rulebook and make sure they comply with all the necessary requirements for access to the expo center and for admission to the competition:

  • Personal identification: valid ID card or driving license or passport.
  • Registration receipt: QR code contained in the registration confirmation e-mail received from Competition Corner or viewable in the personal account on Competition Corner.
  • Medical certificate: valid medical certificate for competitive sport activity, original or copy. A medical form for non-italians only is available: download it, print it, have it filled in and signed by a medical doctor (it will be retained and no photocopies will be made on the spot).
  • Green Pass: EU Digital COVID Certificate or equivalent certificate proving vaccination (valid for 9 months) or recovery from Sars-CoV-2 infection (valid for 6 months); alternatively, a rapid molecular or antigen test with a negative result for the Sars-CoV-2 virus (valid for 48 hours).

To allow as many people as possible to participate, safely and without discrimination, a rapid test service at a discounted price will be available outside the expo center. For assistance on the regulations and compliances that international visitors should abide by in order to enter Italy, please refer to the Safe Travel service by RiminiWellness.

Tickets for Competitors, Companions and Coaches

All competitors who have confirmed their participation by accepting the reserved invitation, during the month of September will receive by e-mail the instructions to obtain the free admission ticket, valid for access to the 2021 Italian Showdown and to participate in all 2021 RiminiWellness activities for the entire week-end. Registration for the competition does not include any entrance ticket for accompanying persons.

Accompanying persons must have an entrance ticket, available through the RiminiWellness on line ticket office. Those who have already purchased the spectator ticket for the 2020 edition, in September will receive by e-mail the instructions to obtain the free 2021 RiminiWellness e-ticket, valid both to attend the 2021 Italian Showdown and to participate in all the others activities available to the public.

Those who have purchased the Coach Pass for the 2020 edition will be able to collect it at the check-in desk of the Italian Showdown, located in front of the warm-up area. All available Coach Passes have already been assigned, so for the moment we do not expect to be able to issue more passes; if it will be possible to issue further Coach Passes, we will communicate on the official website how to obtain them.

New participants and last-minute registration

Over the next few weeks we will check all the registrations received so far and, in the event that additional slots become available, we may possibly open a last-minute registration to admit other competitors. In this case, all the instructions necessary to complete the registration will be published on the official website.

Thanks to all the competitors who accepted the invitation to the 2021 Italian Showdown, we can’t wait to see you again live on the competition floor at RiminiWellness!