In the end, there will be only one

The last man and woman standing after the ultimate blind challenge will win the trophy of the Champion and will take home the final jackpot

The overall leaderboard will be closed at the end of Event 8 and will reflect the performance of all competitors during the three days of competition, as it will consider all the scores of all workouts, from the elimination phase to the final phase. The top three competitors from Individual and Master divisions of all ages will be on the podium and will receive the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place medal, as well as the gift package offered by Foodspring. But the show will not end here…

Once closed the overall leaderboard, the best 5 men and 5 women of the Individual division will take the field again for a winner-take-all final challenge and get the trophy of the Champion of the 2021 Italian Showdown together with the 1.000€ jackpot and an Assault Bike offered by Xenios USA.

Competitors admitted to the final Showdown will not know the movements or repetitions until the event begins. Only at 3-2-1… GO! each competitor will be informed by their judge of the movements and repetitions to be performed as they advance through each station. Such a blind workout appeared for the first time in 2018 in the “Chaos” event of the CrossFit Games and is designed to test the ability of competitors to face any unexpected challenge: no one will be able to make calculations or strategies, everyone will only push at max effort until the end.

For the final Showdown, the Top 5 men and the Top 5 women will be on the field at the same time, according to the standings of the overall leaderboard; the competition will be men against men and women against women. The event will consist of 4 direct elimination matches, in which the points gained in previous events will no longer count.

Five competitors will participate in the first match; the competitor who finishes the match last will be eliminated immediately. In case of a tie, the competitor with lower standing in the overall leaderboard will be eliminated. Four competitors will participate in the second match; the competitor who finishes the match last will be eliminated immediately and so on…

At the fourth and last match, only 2 competitors will be left in the competition; the one who finishes the match last will be eliminated. The last competitor standing will be the Champion of the 2021 Italian Showdown.