Workouts Details and Standards

Information on the events scheduled for the 2022 Italian Showdown and important clarifications about the scoring system and the leaderboard

On January 15th we announced a preview of Events 1, 2 and 3 which will be faced by all the competitors of the 2022 Italian Showdown during the elimination phase, which will take place live on Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June, according to the schedule already published.

In these past months you have trained and tried the workouts to present yourself to the best of your abilities on the game floor. We have followed your training on social networks, in your stories and it was very exciting to see how much effort you have put into the preparation.

Movement Standards

You wrote to us asking for the movement standards to study the most efficient strategy. Today we publish all the specifications, so we invite you to carefully read the description of all workouts and movement standards in the events schedule.

In particular, we draw your attention to a very important aspect: the rule according to which a single Rx rep is worth more than an entire Scaled workout, aims to push everyone to give their all to overcome their limits but it is not a shortcut to climb the leaderboard!

Rx better than Scaled?

As many of you have asked us if they will be allowed to perform only the first 12 Deadlifts of the first “DT” workout with the Rx load to be ranked higher than those who will perform the entire Scaled workout, we had to make a decision to ensure a fair competition.

In Event 1 the rule of the minimum required work has been introduced – as already done by CrossFit in other official events – equal to 1 complete round.

In this way, each athlete must complete at least the first round for his score to be valid for the leaderboard, regardless of whether he chooses the Rx or Scaled version of the workout. So consider well whether to choose the Rx or Scaled load according to your real abilities.

Push Jerk and Devil Press

Another important detail concerns the third movement of Event 1: in the original “DT” workout the Push Jerk movement is prescribed, while in our case we also admit the Push Press and the Shoulder Press, so each athlete will be free to perform the movement that he prefers.

We would also like to point out that in Event 2 the Devil Press is a single-arm movement and that there is no obligation about alternating arms. Therefore, each athlete can switch between hands as desidered. It remains the obligation to raise the dumbbell over the head in one movement.

Event 4, 5, 6, 7 and Showdown

The description and movement standards of Events 4 and 5, which will take place on Saturday 4 June, will be published in the events schedule on the official website the week before the competition. Events 6 and 7 of Sunday 5 June will be announced the same day.

Finally, the 4 matches of the Showdown will remain secret until the last moment. Competitors will not know the movements or repetitions until the start of the event. They will be informed of the exercises and reps as they progress through each station.